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Return of Nila: Singapore’s favorite sports mascot is back for 18th AUG

All AUG / Featured / Home Slider / February 26, 2016

Fans of Singapore sport can look forward to the return of Singapore’s much loved national sports icon Nila, who has been selected as the official mascot of the 18th AUG in July 2016.

As many Singaporeans may know, Nila served as the official mascot of the 28th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in July 2015 and the 8th ASEAN Para Games in December of the same year.

The much loved sport mascot’s was designed by Singapore designer Beatrice Cho in 2012, and had served as the mascot for the 2012 Singapore National Games. He was named as a nod to Sang Nila Utama, the legendary founder of Singapore.

Nila’s distinctive fiery red mane symbolises his burning passion for sports while his heart-shaped mane represents friendship and the bonds created through competition.

As with past AUGs, the organising committee of each host nation selects a mascot for the Games. The design of the Games mascots tends to closely reflect the culture of the host nation.

The 18th AUG Organising Committee felt that Nila, which takes the form of the Singapore Merlion icon, could best serve as the mascot for the Games as Singapore is the host country for the upcoming event.

The committee found Nila’s youthfulness, as well as passion for sport and friendship fit in well with the Games’ theme.

In addition, Nila is already a household name in Singapore, having represented the country at the two 2015 sports events.

“Having made a name for himself during the 28th SEA Games and the 8th Para Games, the committee felt that Nila would be the best mascot for the University Games. With permission from Sports Singapore, the AUG committee selected Nila as the official mascot,” said Dawn Soh, Head (Student Life) at SIM University, and a member of the 18th AUG’s marketing team.

Nila – all ready for the 18th AUG!

Being the athletic mascot that he is, Nila is ever ready to play. In fact, the organisers have made sure that the beloved mascot receives an up-to date signature tracksuit for the Games.

In line with the AUG’s logo design concept, the tracksuit prominently displays the 18th AUG logo and incorporates the signature brushstroke design for the Games.

The organising committee has also ensured that Nila will bring plenty of joy to the hearts of AUG medallists in July. In line with the tradition of presenting mascot toys as gifts to medallists at the Games, replica Nila plush toys will find their way into the arms of new friends from around Southeast Asia.

Come Games time in July, Nila will once again represent Singapore to spur on athletes to greater heights and to bring out the cheer in everyone!

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