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Blast From the Past : Dipna Lim-Prasad

Athletes / Blast From The Past / Featured / Slider / May 11, 2016

“Be patient and keep working at it” advised Dipna Lim-Prasad, a national hurdler and multiple record holder.

Besides holding the title of two-timed SEA Games Medallist, Lim-Prasad is also an alumni of Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Lim-Prasad graduated from NTU’s National Institute of Education with a degree in Sport Science and Management in 2014.

Inevitably, trainings and competitions had interfered Lim-Prasad’s life as a university student. As a full-time athlete, Lim-Prasad trained ten times across six days in a week. The number of training sessions were, however, not heavily discounted despite her heavy academic commitments as an undergraduate in NTU. For each academic semester, Lim-Prasad strategically planned her timetable to fit six sessions across six days in a week.

Armed with resolution and persistence, Lim-Prasad emerged with outstanding records for various sports competitions throughout her days in NTU. One of the major sports event which Lim-Prasad had participated was the 15th ASEAN University Games in 2010. Lim-Prasad recalled:” It felt like a mini SEA Games.”

In the 15th ASEAN University Games in 2010, Lim-Prasad ran the fastest 200 metres by a Singaporean female since Prema Govindan’s national record that was set in 1984. There was only a sheer difference of 0.07 seconds between the two athletes’ clocked electronic-timed runs. Her stellar performance impressed the crowd but also came as a surprise to herself who had competed with a recovering injury in a category that was not her niche.

Fast-forward three years, Lim-Prasad then rewrote Prema Govindan’s 200m national record of almost three decades at the 3rd Singapore U-23 Open Track and Field Championships in 2013. At the tender age of 21, Lim-Prasad held three national records.

Unfortunately, life was never always smoothing sailing. The 24-year-old recalled tough times when she had to train on Sundays to make up for missed weekday sessions and struggles she experienced with her academics for being away for half the semester due to overseas competition.

“I recall why I started running, obstacles that I had faced and overcome and my love to run. And that’s usually enough to realign my head and heart,” said Lim-Prasad. That is the magical potion for the 24-year-old athlete to get going when time gets tough.

Lim-Prasad also said:” If all else fails, I cut myself some slack and take an off-day.” A step backward and two steps forward helped the 24-year-old athlete to sprint ahead in life.

When asked about her recent updates, Lim-Prasad gladly shared that she had made her first return to the tracks since her ankle injury in December last year. During her first return at the 78th Singapore Open Track & Field Championships 2016 on 28th April, Lim-Prasad clinched the silver medal for 400 metres run. Despite having only 2 months of training, Lim-Prasad clocked time fell short of her personal best by only 0.1s.

The 24-year old admitted that Injury and rehabilitation had caused her to be late for the season and threw her into a catching-up game. However, these missed opportunities did not dishearten her.

“I’m honestly enjoying the process of it all – having the luxury of being able to run and the opportunity of representing my country,” said Lim-Prasad. The 24-year-old plans to go as far as she can for the remaining season while paving her way to the 2018 Asian Games.

Fueled with passion to run, nothing would stand in the way of Lim-Prasad to success!

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