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SMU’s Crystal Wong to feature in 2016 ASEAN University Games

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Not bowing down to stress and fatigue, she remains disciplined in her training for the upcoming 18th ASEAN University Games that will be held in Singapore.

She’s Crystal Wong, a business undergraduate majoring in marketing and corporate communication who has just completed her sophomore at Singapore Management University. This July, Crystal will be making her first attempt at competing in AUG.

“I think this competition will be a lot more intense than local competitions” said Crystal.

She goes on to explain that the local fencing community is not very large, and hence local fencers often to meet the same opponents. Over time, one tends to be able to read and adapt to one another’s fencing style. This, however, is not applicable in the case of international competitions like AUG.

“It would be challenging to have to decipher their thoughts and actions efficiently and effectively while on the piste,” added Crystal.

Looking back, Crystal shared her recent experience at the NUS Fencing Challenge where she won a bronze in the Women’s Epee (Individual) event. Stacked against competition from current and ex-national fencers, Crystal stepped out of her comfort zone and adopted a strategy that was foreign to her.

“I usually try to be very cautious about my indices when fencing in poules,” said Crystal. She then continued: ”However, this time round, I decided to just focus on executing and practicing moves that I would use in the DE rounds later. To my surprise, I was seeded first after poules.”

Crystal, however, lost the bout when she played against Celine Chong, an ex-national fencer. Packed with positive vibes, Crystal did not let the defeat bring her down. Instead, she has gathered her experiences and will be channeling her focus to the new fencing season.

“I’m just going to take every moment as it comes and enjoy the ride,” said Crystal.

Currently on summer internship, Crystal admits that it does get a little tough training after work and through the weekends. With the drive coming from her passion for fencing, Crystal embraces the struggles and tries to get used to her routine.

“Just believe in yourself and go for it” is a piece of advice that Crystal received and holds dear to heart. To her fellow juniors and peers, Crystal’s advice is: ”Trust yourself and don’t just focus on the score.”

Looking ahead, Crystal is set to participate in the Women’s Foil (Team Event) in Fencing at the upcoming 18th ASEAN University Games, and will also be anticipating the new fencing season.

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