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National athlete Lee Kai Yang is back to steal the show

Athletes / Featured / Slider / Water Polo / May 31, 2016

In 2015, the homegrown athlete achieved yet another milestone along his water pole journey by participating in his first SEA Games with Singapore Men’s National Water Polo team. Together, the team and Kai Yang did our nation proud by clinching Gold in the 28th SEA Games.

In recognition of his outstanding performance, Kai Yang was awarded the “Male Water Polo Player of the Year” at the Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) Awards Night 2015.

“I never expected the award to be presented to me as I always see many others who were equally worthy of the title. Hence, the award came as a pleasant surprise,” Kai Yang humbly said.

2015 was indeed a busy year for the homegrown athlete. In the same year, Kai Yang began his tertiary education at the School of Accountancy in Singapore Management University (SMU).

In the coming July, Kai Yang will be participating in his first ASEAN University Games since his SMU enrolment. The homegrown athlete will be playing as the goalkeeper at the Men’s Water Polo Tournament.

“I am definitely interested to participate in the AUG,” Kai Yang said.

“Every chance for me to represent Singapore is an honour that I can never refuse.”

As a team, the group of boisterous and robust young men aim to finish first place. “We know that it may not be easy, but victory favours the brave” Kai Yang said.

As an individual, Kai Yang aims to not only improve himself as an individual player but also as a team player.

SMU’s Lee Kai Yang ready to defend Singapore’s goal for Gold at this year’s AUG.

Never settling for anything less than perfect, Kai Yang elaborated: “It is important to understand that we are all different and imperfect. However, by working together, a team of imperfect individuals can come together and muster a perfect team effort of greater strength.”

Evidently an avid water polo enthusiast, the homegrown athlete wishes for the sport to gain more attention and interest in the community.

“Hopefully more people will pick up the sport and discover the beauty and excitement of the game,” Kai Yang said.

In addition to the upcoming AUG, spectators can also anticipate Kai Yang’s performance at the Asian Water Polo Championship later in the year, SEA Games in 2017 and Asian Games in 2018.

As AUG draws near, Kai Yang shared that the team will be increasing the intensity of their training sessions in preparation for the impending stiff competition.

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” Kai Yang shared.

Propelled by national pride and tenacity to succeed, the team promised to be at their best at competitions.

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