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The game of volleyball

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Volleyball began more than a century ago at Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in United States. It has a history of 121 years. Back then, it was named “mintonette” as the sport shared many of the same ideas badminton.

In addition, volleyball also bears elements of basketball, tennis, baseball and handball.

Like football and basketball, volleyball is one of the most commonly played college sports. In the summer heat, there is no better way to enjoy the beach without a game of volleyball. While indoor volleyball and beach volleyball are slightly different, they are still very much alike.

Can you name the differences?


Beach volleyball is softer, lighter and slightly larger than an indoor volleyball that is distinctively heavier and are made out of leather. These features enable a beach volleyball to float better in air while an indoor volleyball can move quicker and be hit harder.


Beach courts measure 16 metres long and 8 metres wide with no attack line. Players can hit the ball from anywhere on their side.

On the contrary, indoor courts are 18 metres long and 9 metres wide with a parallel attack line that is 3 metres from the centre line. Players in the back row have to remain behind the attack line when hitting the ball.

Number of players

Beach volleyball is often played in teams of two with no specific positions assigned to either player.

Indoor volleyball, on the other hand, involves six players on each side with each player assigned to a specific position.


Beach volleyball matches consist of a best-of-three series with each game being played to 21 points. When necessary, a third tiebreaker match that is played up to 15 points will be played.

Unlike beach volleyball, indoor volleyball matches consist of five sets with each game being played to 25 points. When necessary, a fifth tiebreaker match that is played up to 15 points will be played. In addition, teams will need to switch sides after every game.

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