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Football and its variations

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A search down the centuries will find documentations of humans playing ball with their foot in almost every other culture.

Football was spectaculated to be played during the ancient Egypt when balls made out of linen were discovered in Egyptian tombs. Some of the tombs date way back to 2500 BC. Drawings found by archaeologists also suggested Eygptians played a game similar to the nature of football during feasts of fertility.

In the Han Dynasty, the forebear of football is known as Tsu Chu. Back then, the football was a feather-filled leather ball while the goal post was a small net attached onto long bamboo canes.

The game was utilized by the military leaders to keep their soldiers physically fit. The popularity of the game rose brought about Tsu Chu matches. These matches were competed by teams of professional Tsu Chu players, civilians and even women. There were variations of the game rules but it was common that the game forbade the use of hands.

From the far east, another ancestor of modern football is the Japanese Kemari. Unlike Tsu Chu, Japanese Kemari is a game that does not involve the competitive element as players do not need to fight for possession of ball.

In the older times in England, football was made using an inflated animal bladder. Before 1800, there were limited rules that governed a football match. Physical assault was deemed acceptable and there was no limit to the number of players forming each team. Often, football matches ended up in unpleasant fights.

However, these incidents did not affect the popularity of soccer and it became an inherent part of the English culture by the end of the 14th century.

Eventually in 1848, a meeting was arranged in Cambridge to draw up rules of the football match. Many of these rules are still included and followed today. Approximately two decades later, a common set of rules was agreed upon by twelve London clubs. These twelve clubs then gathered to become a governing body known as The Football Association that holds today’s renowned FA cup.

Today, there are many renowned national and international football games and championships. Seasons of FIFA World Cup have also never failed to set the globe on football frenzy. Blessed with modern technology, football enthusiasts can now witness live actions of breath-taking football matches in the comfort of their homes.

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