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Do you know that table tennis…

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Let’s put your knowledge of table tennis to test in the article below. Read on!

Do you know that … 

Table tennis was known as Ping Pong?

The sport was only given its official name – Table Tennis – in 1926. Today, it remains common for the sport to be called ping pong or table tennis interchangeably.

Table tennis was banned in Russia in the early 20th century?

This was a result of the then ruler’s belief that the game had an adverse effect on players’ eyesight.

Table tennis started in the late 1880s in England?

The history of Table Tennis began back in the 1880s when the lawn tennis players adapted their game to play indoors during the winter. It comes as no surprise that the sport gained much popularity and continues to be played till today. The popularity of the game also drove many to develop their own version of indoor tennis. Hence, early versions of table tennis owned a variety of trademarked name: indoor tennis, gossima, whiff-waff and ping pong.

The current rules and regulations of table tennis have been in place for nearly a 100 years?

In January 1926, ITTF was formed by representatives from the Table Tennis Associations of Austria, England, Germany and Hungary. The team then grew to include Czechoslovakia, India, Sweden and Wales as the original members of ITTF.

Following, in December 1926, the first constitution and original rules of table tennis was decided. This set of original rules remained relatively unaltered till date.

Table tennis paddles used to be made of cork, cardboard or wood and covered with cloth, leather or sandpaper?

Different surfaces on either side of the racquet can influence the numbers of spin or speed of the ping pong. The material and thickness of the racquet’s coating can be customized according to player’s individual playing style.

Today, regulation by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) requires the racquet to be colour-coded red on one side and black on the other side. This allows that players to know which side of a paddle hits the ball during mid-play.

Ping pong ball has to be placed flat on player’s hand prior to serve?

To serve a ball, it has to be placed flat on player’s hand before it is thrown at least 16 centimeters high from the flat of the hand. This eliminates the chances of the ball spinning which may give the server an unfair advantage.

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