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Basketball Runs Deep in the Family

Athletes / Basketball / Featured / Home Slider / Slider / July 11, 2016

By: Lee Jinjia

Regita Pramesti, 19, is currently a Psychology undergraduate at the Universitas Pelita Harapan in Indonesia and plays as a shooting guard for the Indonesian national team at the 2016 ASEAN University Games in Singapore.

For Regita, basketball is a rite of passage for her family. They live for and breathe basketball. However, she is by no means complaining as her family’s intense love for the game has led her to take on the sport with open arms.

She had started playing basketball even before the tender age of ten and has never looked back since then. She was visibly beaming with enthusiasm when quizzed on whom she had picked up the sport from.

“My family knows everything about basketball and they were the ones that taught me how to play. My grandparents taught my parents and I how to play as well. It is like a family tradition,” quipped Regita.

“They will always come to watch me play, cheering me on and giving me advice,” she added.

Her commitment towards the sport was also demonstrated in equal measure by her teammates. They fought back defiantly from a ten-point deficit at the end of the third quarter to defeat Malaysia 51-44 in their opening match.

“We simply did not want to lose. We came this far and sacrificed our time to practice. We even trained during the fasting period. To bring home the gold medal was our goal,” exclaimed Regita.

“Our team is very bonded. For example, we will all do everything that we can to contribute to the team. If I cannot play on that day, I will do all I can to the support the team, even if it involves filling their water bottles,” she added.

With the never say attitude of the team and her immense leadership on court, a prolonged run in the competition beckons for this closed knitted Indonesian team.

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