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Sean is a different person on court

Athletes / Feature Stories / Slider / Table Tennis / July 13, 2016

By: Lee Jinjia

Do not be fooled by Sean Lee’s aggressive demeanor on court, as he is actually a rather shy and reserved person. Sean, 26, is a final year mechanical engineering major studying at the National University of Singapore and represents the Singapore Men’s table tennis team at the 2016 AUG.

“My idol is the current Chinese national team player, Xu Xin, as we share the same playing style and we both use the penhold grip. I actually do not talk that much, but I am more aggressive on court as it is a competition and I have to,” murmured Sean nervously.

It is no wonder he blitzed passed his Cambodian counterpart in straight sets, smashing ball after ball relentlessly and immaculately. No nerves there it seems.

Sean might have been a slow starter, but he soon grew into the sport as time progressed and excelled in it. Table tennis is indeed the forefront of his non-academic pursuits and he relishes in the competitive nature of the sport.

“It all started when my mom sent me to a table tennis center back in China. I started playing table tennis when I was eight, but as time went on it became a part of my life,” he exclaimed.

However, he very much feels at home in Singapore as he has been living here since 2002. Given the opportunity, he would also like to represent the Singapore national team at a higher level.

Assessing the team’s chances at the AUG, he is confident that his team has what it takes to emerge triumphant, but knows that tougher opponents lie ahead.

“I would like to say that we are one of the favorites going into the competition together with close rivals Vietnam and Thailand,” said Sean.

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