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Rugby player overcomes injury to represent Singapore

Athletes / Feature Stories / Rugby / July 16, 2016

Written by: Lim Wei Hao

Photo by: Neo Jie Yao

Rugby player overcomes injury to represent Singapore

In 2013, Mattias Chia, one of Singapore’s rugby representatives at the ASEAN University Games (AUG) suffered a horrific injury.

“I dislocated my AC joint. That was one of my biggest injuries. It was a huge setback because I was actually playing quite well. After the injury, coming back to overcome the psychological barrier was tough but I’m glad I overcame that,” said Chia.

“Rugby is a physical contact game and you can’t shy away from injuries for sure. I told myself I’ll come back faster and stronger,” he continued.

Playing rugby has been a large part of Chia’s life. He first started playing rugby at the age of 10, when he was a student at Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) where rugby is one of the niche sports.

“Normally we play during recess, and one day I just decided why don’t i try it. Even after 13 years I still love every single game I play,” said Chia.

He has never looked back since. Representing Singapore at age-group competitions, this is Chia’s first AUG and he is enjoying the entire experience.

“(It’s my) first time living in a village and you see all the athletes around. and the team bonding has been quite good for us because we’re spending so much time together,” said Chia.

The 3rd year student at Nanyang Technological University also enjoys playing football and tennis. Yet, rugby will always remain his first love.

“More importantly it’s about playing with friends. I really like the chemistry and camaraderie we have, that’s what motivates me,” he shared.

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