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Volunteers at the Games

Feature Stories / Volunteers / July 20, 2016

Written by: Neo Jie Yao

With the ASEAN University Games 2016 drawing to a close, we take a look at some of the volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this a successful event.

Lynne Bong is involved in the Games as both a first aider and also the venue manager for the Rugby event as well. She has previously worked at the South East Asian Games and Paralympic Games under Sports Singapore Institute as a sports trainer.

It has been a rewarding experience for the housewife so far having volunteered for such an event for the first time.

“Its very exciting to work with these group of people because there is no age barrier, they are all of different ages.”

“Mingling with people, getting to know them and they are all from various backgrounds. There is so much to learn,” she said.

Siow Yi Tian and Tey Shi Chean were assigned the role of Sports Specialist upon signing up as volunteers.

With both students having an interest in Basketball, they were assigned to the Basketball event where they dealt with logisitics, helping out with tasks such as keeping the balls and giving out water.

Besides their duty, they also get to admire the good looking athletes on show at the Games.

When asked about their favourite player, Siow immediately pointed out Singapore’s number 12, Lim Sheng Yu as one, saying, “He plays well.”

Tey then added cheekily, “And handsome, both. We have to be honest!”

While most volunteers are out in the field, Chua Hong Chuan deals with an entirely different job scope. He is part of the website team which updates the scores and results of the official website.

The Singapore Management University student shared how it has been an interesting experience for him while also saying things can get tough when there is not enough manpower around.

However, the 22-year-old feels a sense of responsibility and said, “I guess when I know that the updates that I do helps people to get an accurate depiction of the results, that’s how I do my job well.”

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