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About the AUG

The objectives of the ASEAN University Games, also known as the AUG, are to :

  • To promote ASEAN Solidarity in our youth through school sports;
  • To provide opportunities for school athletes to benchmark their sporting talents in the ASEAN region; and
  • To provide opportunities for school athletes to interact and engage in cultural exchange within ASEAN.

The games include universities from the countries who are part of the ASEAN community and include Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Brunei.

History of the Games

The games began in 1981 and was hosted by Thailand in Chiang Mai. Indonesia emerged champions of the games, followed by the hosts and Burma (now known as Myanmar). The games has been dominated by Indonesia since then, who have clinched the title ten times since its inception, showcasing their powerhouse status in college sports.

Since the beginning of the games, the number of participants as well as discipline of sport offered has also increased, giving opportunities for university students in the ASEAN countries a chance and platform to compete against one another.

Singapore 2016

After a successful showing at the SEA Games in 2015, Singapore will return to the sporting scene to host the 18th ASEAN University Games. Centralised around the six universities, the games village will once again be hosted by the Nanyang Technological University who also hosted the Youth Olympics Games previously.

Singapore welcomes all the participants for the upcoming AUG 2016 to our sunny island!