Mountain View

SAFRA Yishun

The SAFRA Yishun Country Club is located in the north of Singapore, and serves as a multi-purpose recreational clubhouse for National Servicemen (NSMen) of the Singapore Armed Forces. The Yishun clubhouse has an adventure sports centre, swimming pools, and an indoor shooting range.

The 42 lane indoor shooting range is the biggest and most well-equipped shooting range in Singapore, boasting a high-tech target retrieval system that is completely mechanised. The state-of-the-art facility meets international standards and caters to a wide selection of shooting categories. The viewing gallery can also seat up to 200 people.

SAFRA Yishun hosted competitions for the 1st Asian Youth Games (2009), as well as the 38th Southeast Asia Shooting Championship (2014), were held at the Yishun SAFRA shooting range.

The SAFRA Indoor Shooting Range is the venue for the AUG shooting fixtures that will take place from 12-14 July 2016.