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Singapore Institute of Technology

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) was established in 2009 to provide more upgrading opportunities for Polytechnic upgraders to obtain industry-focussed degrees. Through a unique tripartite collaboration with its overseas university partners and the five local Polytechnics, SIT welcomed its inaugural batch of 500 students enrolled in 10 degree programmes offered by 5 overseas university partners in September 2010.

In 2012, the Committee on University Education Pathways Beyond 2015 (CUEP) recommended that SIT be developed into Singapore’s fifth Autonomous University (AU), one that is distinctive from the existing AUs. SIT was to pioneer the applied learning pathway and produce a different breed of graduate to meet the diverse needs of Singapore’s economy. On 28 March 2014, the SIT Act was gazetted and passed into legislation, officially making SIT Singapore’s new autonomous university.

As the pioneer of the applied pathway model, SIT endeavours to develop individuals who build on their interests and talents to impact society by providing a nurturing environment that is uniquely enriched by world-class partners. By integrating theory with hands-on application, students will be exposed to real-life work environments, thereby training them to be work-ready upon graduation.

Together with students enrolling into the degree programmes offered by its overseas university partners, SIT welcomed its inaugural cohort of students for its own degree programmes in Academic Year 2014. SIT will also seek to inject the SIT-DNA into the learning experience of its students, inspiring them to become ‘thinking tinkerers’ and catalysts for transformation, with the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn; while ensuring that they are grounded in their community.

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