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The 18th ASEAN University Games Theme – In Celebration of Diversity and Unity

In the 18th ASEAN University Games, we celebrate our diversity and unity. We come together not only as representatives of our universities, but also as young ambassadors of our home countries. Although we may differ in our language and cultural background, we are similar in many other ways.

Through our gathering, we celebrate our common goals, achievements, and love of sport.

Through competition, we showcase our dedication, skills, and sense of fair play.

Through this event, we celebrate our common youth, energy, and passion to excel.

Together, we expand our horizons.

While we are all different, we are all the same.

As a cohort, we strive to contribute to ASEAN; as a generation, we seek to build a better world.

The AUG 2016 Logo

The stylised brush strokes of the ASEAN University Games (AUG) logo highlights the youth, energy, and vibrancy of the games. The brush stroke across the G slants upward toward the first of the eleven stars, representing the 10 ASEAN countries and candidate nation Timor-Leste, thus emphasising the idea that sport provides a pathway for bringing people together to create and share common goals and purpose. The three colours of the stars, red, blue, and yellow, are the common colours of the ASEAN countries and highlight the inclusiveness of the university games. The logo represents not just the aspirations of the ASEAN countries through sports but also the diversity and unity of the participants.